At Lavish Laser, we are offering an ultimate skincare experience with The Platinum Skincare Club. It is a monthly skincare maintenance club where we carefully customize a skincare regime to help you maintain a healthy, timeless skin for every age group. Whether you want to  prevent acne breakouts, aging skin, dull complexion, blotchiness,discoloration or clogged pores, our monthly maintenance program will help you keep your skin in tip top shape. This is a Facial Club like no other!


As a Platinum Skincare Club Member, each month you will receive:


30 minute Facial Treatment

Individual Facial Treatment targets your skin concerns with steam & extractions. We use medicinal extracts and pharmaceutical blends that quickly penetrates the skin and repairs damage allowing faster cellular turnovers for radiant,firm, hydrated baby soft skin. Hey, who doesn’t want that?


Continuous Glow Beauty Box

Beauty box includes various skincare products each month for you to take home for a continuous glow for a radiant skin your friends will secretly envy!



Whether you have a last minute event to go to or simply in need a skin- pick-me-up, we are here to get you there when your skin is in need. Here’s your access to same day appointment and walk-ins.

(This service is valid during our normal business hours. Botox & Injectables are excluded.)



As a valued member, you will receive 10% off on all skincare product sold at Lavish Laser In-Store. You will also receive 10% off on all Skincare Treatments.

(Botox & Injectables excluded.)


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